How to clean a leather bag

Published : 2018-03-09 12:25:43
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How to clean a leather bag

If we choose a leather bag is also for the quality of the materials. Therefore, prevent any damage is fundamental: we have spent money on product quality and now we have to take care of it. How?

The first step is to prevent any stains with a little care and regular maintenance. There are many special products to be applied to the leather to keep it clean.You can find them in leather shops or other specialized shops. Alternatively, there are simple home remedies.

For example, you can always keep your leather bag clean with a soft cloth, a wad of cotton wool or a make-up remover pad, to be combined with cleansing milk or with some cow's milk.

Pass it gently on the bag, in small quantities, until you have removed it from the surface.

This to maintenance and prevention, but if the bag is stained? Don’t worry. The rule is: earlier you intervene and the easier it is to solve the problem.

How to clean a leather bag? First of all, what not to do: use vinegar, alcohol, aggressive chemicals, and any other product that you don’t know exactly what the effects are. Some of these substances are aggressive and can ruin the leather of the bag. You could make the situation worse instead of improving it. Avoid wetting the bag with too much water: it doesn’t work and even in this case you make the situation worse.

The trick is to start with the less invasive methods. 

For example, first try removing the stain with a slightly damp cloth, without wetting the bag. Sometimes, depending on the type of substance that has stained the bag, this method can suffice.

Doesn’t work? Then try applying a cleanser or cow's milk, following the grain of the leather. Stop if you notice that you are expanding the stain. If the method works, let the bag dry without using aggressive techniques (no hair dryer!). Pass a dry soft cloth to dry, then let it simply rest for half an hour.

If the stain proves particularly stubborn then you just have to use a specific product, as a conditioner for leather products or a specific anti-stain product for leather, will be in charge to a leather shop. If you are afraid of increasing the damage, try to ask to a laundry. 

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