Happy St. Patrick’s Day, also in Tuscany

Published : 2018-03-13 15:42:25
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, also in Tuscany

The St. Patrick's Day is the Irish holiday most famous in the world. Everywhere people dress in green and celebrate drinking beer, especially the typical Irish dark beers, while some of the most famous monuments are illuminated in green. But why is the St. Patrick's Day associated with the green color? There is more than one reason.

According to the legend, the saint used a green clover to explain the concept of Trinity to new Christians; green is also the color of the elves, Irish mythological creatures. Finally, green is also the predominant color of the beautiful Irish landscape, composed of rolling hills and lush meadows, not so different from that of our beloved Tuscany.

By the way: also in Tuscany, like in many other countries, St. Patrick is celebrated. Every year, to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, the leaning tower of Pisa is illuminated in green, while in the numerous public pubs, from Florence to Pisa, from Lucca to Siena, is celebrated with music and beer mugs.

We too of Original Tuscany got caught up in the Irish enthusiasm and for the occasion we present you our green bags, rigorously in leather and made in Tuscany. Green is a color that we associate with nature, at the first days of spring, outdoor walks and country trips when the days get longer.

Gigliola, our women's shoulder bag, handcrafted, 100% cowhide leather, perfect to carry around everything you need for a walk out of town.

Comfort, practicality and elegance are the key words of Noemi, our women's handbag in genuine calf leather; classic design, simple and capacious, Noemi is the perfect bag to take you to the new season.

In our catalog you will find many other bags in genuine leather, handcrafted and tanned in Tuscany, suitable for travel and leisure time. If you have any doubt contact us and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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