Animal print bags: how to choose the good one?

Published : 2019-01-11 12:33:40
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Animal print bags: how to choose the good one?

You would like to adopt the animalier style keeping trendy, chic or glamorous but you do not know how to do it? Thanks to the combination of these elements, you will be able to choose the bag that best suits your personality.

In our catalog you will find shoulder bags, hand-bags for work or university and backpacks with animalier printed calf worked with care by our best Tuscan artisans.

The animal fantasy is very fashionable this year, the must-have to have in your closet! But we know that is not so easy to obtain the result expected with the animal print patterns. This should not stop you! The animal print combined with quality materials permit to create modern bags.

Do you want yours now? Here is a list of features on our animalier bags. 


Choose the animal fantasy that best suits your personality


The animal print patterns are fascinating for their ability to seduce people with different styles. This fantasy has fascinated many personalities in the past! From the African tribal chef to the French Louis XIV. Then, starting from the 20s, are the women who adopted the wild print: in particular the famous Hollywood actresses and fashion icons such as Marian Nixon, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Even the famous pin-ups like the beautiful Betty Page have chosen the animalier to embody the free and independent woman, but also the Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols in the 70s wore animal clothes! Each to show the strength of their own character. 

Our catalog contains a variety of animal fantasy, from the best known to the most original. According to us, the choice of the print is important, in fact, every animal print unconsciously refers to the qualities of the character.


February 12, 1947, "New Look" collection by Christian Dior - (Source:  



The fantasy inspired by the panther pardus, commonly called "leopard", is an indispensable in the closet. Is also the first animal print who have been used on “haute couture” by Christian Dior in 1947. It never fades and the leo print unconsciously arouses a sense of power and self-determination of the modern woman without lacking in elegance. In Africa, the legends about these animals are numerous and fascinating: in the Nuer tribal in northern Sudan, there is the belief that the one who wore leopard skin takes its powers: its strength, its agility, its cunning, intelligence and finally his royal step. Our bags are available with different leopard fantasy: large, medium or very small: from the most graphic to the most impressionist.



The zebra print is definitely easier to wear because it comes with two colors that are easy to combine with daily outfits. We imagine this print in situations in the office or outside! The zebra pattern will stand out for its originality and refinement, at the same time arouses the kindness of the animal that inspires these lines.



The giraffe is very graphic and contains a very sweet visual effect. Is a perfect fantasy if you want to have an original wild bag, because even if some designers have already used the giraffe print, it remains rare and will therefore make your look unique.



More discreet, assimilated with the polka dot print, the cheetah print is very easy to integrate into a look of the day. If the polka dots emanate a retro-glamorous spirit, those inspired by the cheetah with their irregularity give the animal charm, while remaining discrete. They give a special light to outfits while remaining easy to associate.


Which color to choose?


In our catalog we purposes animal print patterns with realistic colors for a genuine wild effect, but we have also monochromatic solutions, gray and colored.

Two of our products stand out: one for the audacity of the fatal red combined with the lynx on the Nilla bag and the Anna Oro Miami model, very festive and fresh.


Choose the model that matches your criteria


Small bag, big style

The small bag is the accessory that gives the final and elegant touch to an outfit. The look is always attracted and seduced to these smaller bags.

Anna  is a simple bag because of its shape but unique for the skater in real animal-like macer-pony. Thanks to its volume, you will be able to affirm your personality by adapting to all your outfits, whether it be day or night, casual or sophisticated.

Celine is another bag of smaller size in our catalog but with a more sporty shape. Much requested recently,   the Celine round bag is truly original thanks to the animalier printed pony. Available in 4 patterns.


To go to work or university 

Women who have busy days with work or college, going out with friends or family, need space to bring with them everything that will come in handy during the day, but with Nilla bags and Olimpia will have all the necessary space without forgetting the style!





The "intermediary" bag 

Claudia is a bag with elegant lines and an original shape. It is a large bag, ideal for all modern, independent and busy women. Its various removable compartments and the different portability make it unique.


The practicality of the backpack 

You do not want to give up the comfort of the backpack, but would like to be more trendy? Surely the Giorgia Fur backpack is what you were looking for! Available in 9 different versions, you will surely find the Giorgia backpack perfect for you!

As Roberta explains, one of our first customers, who kindly wanted to share his opinion with us:

"I use it every day to go to university, usually with the scooter or on the bus when it rains: inside there are the things I need, handouts, books, notes, tablets, yet it takes up little space. I like it because it combines a bit 'with everything, it is light and comfortable and I love the color I chose (heavenly, but I discovered that there are many other colors, I want them all!). I find it both sporty and elegant, I love minimalist and essential design, always in fashion ".



Last tips to adopt the animal style


Nothing like an animal print can wake up a too severe outfit. It's up to you to decide whether to dare a fancy dress or accessory. In any case, it is often better to have only one animal element at a time so as not to appear overloaded. A total look animal is rather risky, unless you want to hide yourself in the bush ... but for everyday life a simple touch of "wilderness" associated with a solid and elegant dress will have a beautiful effect!

Finally, staying in sobriety ensures the desired effect, but for the more adventurous a mix of tartan and leopard works very well!

You must pay attention to materials, cuts and finishes if you want to be successful in your wild appearance. On some materials the printed materials can stain. In the accessory, the print is sure to win the game because it will be fine with all morphologies!

But anyway, the best advice we can give you is to have fun, to dare and roar the fashionista in you!

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