6 graduation gift ideas, for him and her

Published : 2018-01-31 12:46:12
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6 graduation gift ideas, for him and her

Graduation gifts

Which is the right bag for a graduation gift? Here below our guide to identify the perfect gift for recent graduates.

Graduation is an important milestone in a person’s life. It’s the beginning of a new period: adulthood. Even is it isn’t always that simple, however, it remains a significant moment to celebrate with an important gift. Something useful, quality. Something that represents the beginning of a new path, of a new life. Professional bags and folders are essential accessories both for those who enter the working life and for those who continue to study, as well as being an auspicious gift for the graduating student. You can choose the gift according to taste, or according to the type of degree. If the person graduates in medicine, then he will need a beautiful and classic doctor bag.

Among our professional bags there are many leather briefcases, perfect for those who are preparing to start a career, or computer leather bags. Don’t underestimate messengers, or shoulder bags, always suitable for those who study but also for those who work.

Some tips if you want to give a bag as a graduation gift:

  • Choose the quality. If you make a group gift, you can choose a more expensive bag, above your personal budget. Many hands make the work light! A quality gift is surely better than ten gifts of little value.
  • Choose an evergreen. Choose something classic. Giving the latest fashion bag is a risk: you will spend money on something that won’t last. Classic style bags last longer, from all points of view.
  • Learn about it. The bag should be chosen according to the professional path that the recent graduate will face, but without forgetting personal tastes. Before making a gift, find out from friends and relatives information about the personal tastes and the needs of the new graduate.

The bags sold by Original Tuscany come from the best Tuscan handicraft producers. We chose the quality of the materials and the refinement of the processing, elements that guarantee resistant and elegant bags, timeless bags. If you didn’t find the bag you were looking for, try to contact us.

Our selection of 6 bags to give as gifts for a degree, for him:

And for her:

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