Woman’s backpacks and rucksacks: Choose the one for you.

Published : 2018-04-20 10:35:28
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Woman’s backpacks and rucksacks: Choose the one for you.

Woman’s backpacks and rucksacks. Practicality without giving up on style: Versatile leather backpacks suitable for every situation. Choose the one for you.

The backpack is back in vogue: it is not only a useful and practical bag, but is also a fashionable and elegant accessory suitable for every situation and every season. Fashion aside, if you choose one for yourself, first of all think about your necessities, at your daily commitments and at which kind of object will let you best manage your activities, may it be about daily small travels or longer journeys. In the Original Tuscany catalog there are sturdy and durable leather woman’s backpacks, with a classic yet modern design, crafted by the best Tuscan artisans. We have chosen of you some of our clients’ favorite models, and their explanation on their choice. You too can choose the one that best represents your habits and character.

Woman’s leather backpack for travelers of all age

Romana is the apple of our woman’s catalog eye. Compact and yet roomy, realized in handmade full grain leather, it has a pleasant classic brown tone and is suited for whom loves to travel and discover new lands, may them be close or far from home, while bringing everything they may need. We asked Silvia, one of our enthusiast clients, her opinion, here what she said:

“Honestly, I was fed up with cheap bags that start to come unstitched just after two travels. I wanted something valuable, something tough and worthwhile to be worn. I wore this backpack first for a week-end out of the city, then it became my favorite. I don’t know how I would make without it. My daughter, a college student, sometimes asks me to borrow it and at this point I am starting to consider buying another one just for her. What more can I say? You can also carry it by hand or around your arm, or either along or across your shoulder, that depends by the moment and by how full it is. I, personally, am one that loads it as much as possible, and I can’t say no to my loved Reflex even when going to the grocery! Yet I always find some space for anything. I don’t consider myself a fashion-crazed type of person, even though I am interested in the latests vogues and I value style and good looks. The vogue must be followed, not chased, and is not appropriate to change a bag every season…so, this bag is an evergreen, classic and simple, essential and stylish, it’s always right. Recommended, from me and my daughter too.”

Leather backpack that can be transformed in a spacious bag

Thanks to the adjustable strips, Flora is a bag that can be changed in an instant from a backpack, a shoulder bag to a single shoulder bag, according to the needs. It’s sturdy and tough, made in full grain leather and available in different colors. we asked Jennifer, a teacher that just bought it, an opinion:

“I have been using it since a little while, yet I am completely satisfied. It’s exactly what I was looking for: a handy bag that I can use in all kinds of manner. It’s a bag when I walk around town, it’s a backpack when I ride my bike to go to the school or cinema, my passion. It also matches any type of outfit, from the casual to the most elegant ones. Practicality notwithstanding, it is extremely well designed, I like different pockets sorted apart by details and strong stitches in my bags. I like the most to use it at a shoulder bag for now… And nothing to say about the materials, you can just touch it to feel the high quality.”

Every day a different bag, but really is the same one each time

Are you looking for a single shoulder bag? A backpack, maybe? A bag to carry across the shoulder? Or maybe a handbag? You can find all those solution in the Millemodi. It’s the perfect bag, because you can adapt it each time according to your needs or your mood. Thanks to its brilliant design and its adjustable handles, this lovely soft calf leather bag can be used all year round, in every occasion. As Nicole, young practitioner that uses it every day, explains to us:

“I consider myself a dynamic type of person and this bag really reflects my days, sometimes too busy, really! This bag is a real swiss army knife. I bring it with me when I get out of my house in the morning and I change its shape different times: it’s like having many different bags. If I find myself at work I use it as a stylish bag, when I pick up my kids at school it becomes a comfortable backpack, if I go out with friends I wear it across my shoulder or around my arm. Amazing. I am using it in all kinds situations and it was always up to the task. I had even brought it for a vacation, along other larger bags, and it was really useful to bring around for small walks during the day. I have it in the darker version, but I love the pink one too. I find it original and classic at the same time, but most importantly, it’s versatile, and perfect for my style.”

Fashion backpack suitable for all seasons

Giorgia is another one among our clients favorite bags. With a great value for money, this small backpack can suit any outfit and be right for every season. Its essential style makes it extremely versatile. Made according to high quality standard, this handmade bag is as simple as is surprising. As Roberta, a long time client and friend of ours, that so graciously decided to share with us her opinion, explains:

“I use it everyday to go to the classiest the university, usually by the scooter, but sometimes when it’s raining by bus: I can fit inside it the everything  that I need: books, notes, tablets, yet the bag itself takes very little room, I like it because it can match any outfit, it’s light and comfortable and I love the color that I chose (light blue, but I discovered that there are many other colors, I want them all!). I think it’s sporty and elegant, and I love it’s minimalist and essential design, always in vogue.”

This one that we showed you was just a small selection of our catalog, of woman’s leather backpack. If you are looking for other models, such as small backpacks for daily uses or large suitcases for long travels, among the Original Tuscany models you will certainly find the one for you.

We also would like to remember you that all our items are made in Italy, specifically in Tuscany, according to traditional tanning and sewing techniques. If you too want to share your opinion on one of your bags with us, you can use the contact section or you can contact us as well.

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