Valentine's Day 2018, perfect gift for him

Published : 2018-01-18 15:46:20
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Valentine's Day 2018, perfect gift for him

Valentine's day gift for him

Why not taking advantage of Valentine's Day to surprise your partner with a quality gift? Not the usual gift, but a real leather bag made in Tuscany. If you want to show him that you have thought of him not only because there is a special occasion, but because you really care about his habits and needs, take a look at our Valentine's proposals for him.

If your man is an ambitious man, who is changing his job or is establishing himself in what he already has, here are our business proposals. Careful to line and details, but young-looking and fashionable.

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If he is rather a precise, punctual man who always loves to keep his cellphone, wallet and keys in an orderly fashion to go without fail, then we recommend our line of crossbody bags.

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If instead he is a sporty man, who likes having walks around the city, travelling without having to worry about wallet, keys and cell phone, he makes the line of our backpack.

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These are our male proposals for Valentine's Day. A gift is always welcome, but it becomes something more if it shows a deep knowledge of the person, if we give something that seems tailor-made for him. Choose carefully the bag you prefer and contact us if you have doubts or want more information.

Our bags are all from the leather district in Tuscany. We have selected them among the best master craftsmen and are characterized by quality materials, great attention to finishing and a long tradition that takes into account contemporary design.

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